How to monetize a customer base

Let us take it as an undeniable fact: even with a constant flow of incoming calls, the presence of active sales is necessary for stable growth. Asset #1 of any business, at any stage of development is the base of clients. What is a client base, in fact, is a portfolio of your shares. When […]

How to promote your site with articles

Let’s start from a distance: the typical story of a small business representative who decided to promote their sites or services through the Internet, meet Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones, like many others, is well aware that he needs at least a site to go online, but unfortunately, he is in the power of delusion, thinking […]

How to increase sales from the site in a guaranteed manner

With the main types of visitors to the online store, we decided in the last article, and in this one will talk about the so-called selling triggers, with which you can dramatically increase sales on their sites. In general, triggers have many translations from English, personally I like the most translation of the “hook”, that […]

How to improve your work in the department

Many entrepreneurs know what to implement CRM (or customer relationship management system in Russian) for any business. CRM system allows to process responses from potential customers more efficiently and turn them into real purchases. But it happens that at the initial stage there can be serious problems and difficulties. Because the introduction of CRM instead […]

How to Start Playing Guitar: Tips for Beginner Musicians

People have been fond of music since ancient times. During this time they have mastered many different musical instruments, which is why it is not easy for a beginner musician to make his choice. This article will be dedicated to those people who are interested in how to start playing guitar if they have absolutely […]

How to change the strings on a guitar…

Many guitarists often complain that their instruments get upset quite often and even constant tuning doesn’t help for long. Often guitar owners think that the whole problem is the cheapness of the instrument or hardware itself, but few people suspect that the strings are not installed at all. That’s why we decided to consider how […]

How do you choose a rookie guitar?

Many newcomers who have just decided to join such a large community of musicians as guitarists are tormented by the question “How to choose a guitar?”. This is a very correct question, because the quality of the guitar will determine your success and the amount of pleasure you get from playing an instrument. Before going […]


Dyeing paper tubes is a very important stage, at least because if you do it correctly, the weave will be pleasant, and if you dye incorrectly, you will have a desire to burn baskets, tubes, paper and, with particularly unsuccessful recipes, neighbor’s sheds. What components are needed and why they are needed, you can read […]


⠀I’ve already written the perfect paper tubes right here. In that article, I deliberately did not touch one point: how best to twist: on a table or on the weight in your hands. ⠀⠀⠀⠀I think it’s because I think you can twist it perfectly on both the weight and the table. The choice of a […]


Not often, but sometimes people ask me how to start doing this kind of weaving. What does it take when it’s time?So in this article, I’m going to gather the material I need right at the very start. Perhaps it will help you decide to start or, if you have already decided, to start as […]