The strength of such a child is his good learning abilities, sociability, emotional positive, initiative, private school interview questions for parents.

The weak points of the sanguine person are some lightness and superficiality of perception and attention. Everything is given to him easily, the sanguine person is unaccustomed to work, so he is not sufficiently thorough, patient, thorough and painstaking. This type is not very suitable for monotonous activities – it quickly loses interest, does not pay attention to the quality of the task. The ease with which he gets acquainted and becomes the center of everyone’s attention can turn into frivolity, inconstancy in friendship.

Tips for parents

Choose a curriculum that would be interesting for the child, such as the 21st Century Primary School educational system, which supports the curiosity of the child and is designed in such a way that the little student is interested in learning.
Set your child up to finish the job, patient and long work. Encourage quality work.
Maintain and develop deep friendships with your child.