There are verbal, practical and playful methods to awaken children’s interest in learning.

1. Verbal
This includes conversations, conversations, reading aloud, looking at pictures, dramatizations,

Toddlers can show and name objects and toys, carry out roll calls. With the elders – to practice pronunciation and explain the meaning of words, ask them to complete the phrase, retell the text, learn tongue twisters, poems.

2. Practical⠀
These are exercises, joint activities with parents or a teacher, the implementation of certain assignments, actions.

For example, you can learn poetry in an unusual way in just 5 minutes. We show here.⠀

3. Gaming
This includes outdoor and didactic games, various dramatizations. They are ideal for preschool education and give 100% results.

Learning in the format of the game is structured in such a way that it is interesting for preschoolers and younger students. The main role here is assigned to positive emotions. This is how the qualities of the psyche and the personality of the child develop best, and the teacher becomes the best friend.