How to Raise a Kind and Respectful Child

Almost every child is drawn to kind people and notices this quality in others at the level of instincts. He may like the teacher because she is kind, a girl from a neighboring house, who is also distinguished by sincerity. But not every child can be kind. And it would be quite nice if parents […]

Sitting meditation

As the name suggests, seated meditation is practiced while sitting. A certain posture is not as important as the general principle of staying still for a while. When you sit still even for 10 minutes, the mind is refreshed. During longer meditations, the physical body goes into rest and recovery mode and benefits from […]

A set of exercises for weight loss at home

This set of exercises yoga does not require special training. It suits people of all ages. Crescent. It tones the thighs and buttocks, promotes fat burning. Standing straight, turn your right foot 90° to the right. Raise your left hand up. Without bending your right leg, lean to the side, rest on the floor […]

Schoolchildren Motivation Methods

There are verbal, practical and playful methods to awaken children’s interest in learning. 1. Verbal This includes conversations, conversations, reading aloud, looking at pictures, dramatizations, Toddlers can show and name objects and toys, carry out roll calls. With the elders – to practice pronunciation and explain the meaning of words, ask them to complete […]

Six ways for parents to stay cool

Tips for Parents on How to Respond to a Child’s Bad Behavior and 2 3 as a decimal. When your 2-year-old throws a tantrum in the playground or doesn’t listen to you, it’s easy to lose control. Your child’s bad behavior can make you mad. However, in all situations, it is important to remain calm […]


Agochari mudra, better known as Nasikagra drishti (“nasikagra” – the tip of the nose, “drishti” – contemplation), is one of the most ancient yogic concentration techniques, which is also mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. In fact, this is a kind of Trataka, but due to the fact that the eyes have to be held in […]

How Yoga Helps You Quit Smoking

Yoga has existed as a spiritual and psychological-physical practice for many millennia, deservedly being considered a unique cultural heritage of all mankind. In their homeland, in India, yoga classes are practiced by orthodox adherents in six schools (directions). In Europe, this organic symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism and exercises to control the physiological and psychological […]

Sanguine First Grader

The strength of such a child is his good learning abilities, sociability, emotional positive, initiative, private school interview questions for parents. The weak points of the sanguine person are some lightness and superficiality of perception and attention. Everything is given to him easily, the sanguine person is unaccustomed to work, so he is not sufficiently […]

Anulom-Viloma pranayama (“Alternate breathing”)

To do at any time of the day, soothes and warms, you can do at night. Lengthen your slow, noiseless nose breathing by breathing in the pattern in through the left nostril, out through the right, in through the right, out through the l eft. If you are doing the technique early in the […]

Qigong for Life

Qigong such as is a health-improving practice. It is also called “qigong for life” for a reason. It has been observed that the positive effects of the practice are felt after regular Qigong practice for quite a long period of time. For example, after conducting research, scientists have discovered that the practice of Qigong […]