Benefits of morning yoga

Yoga beginners often wonder when is the best time to practice. Many teachers agree that it is preferable to study immediately after waking up, or more precisely, at 5-6 o’clock in the morning. Yes, the clock is early, but there is a scientific explanation for this. It is at this time that high levels […]

What to consider when sending a child to a children’s camp – 5 rules for parents

Today there is a huge choice of where to place a child for the summer holidays. The most popular option is children’s health, profile or tourist camps with However, many unpleasant and unforeseen situations can happen to a child away from home. In order not to spoil the rest and protect yourself and your […]

Chakra Meditation by Joe Dispenza

So, make sure that no one distracts you, turn off the phone, stay alone with yourself. Meditation should be done while standing. Take a few calm, deep breaths in and out. Start focusing on the first chakra and then expand your focus to the space around it. Once you feel this space, bless the […]

Benefits of Large Families

If earlier the question of how many children should be born never occurred to anyone, today even a family with three children is an occasion to raise an eyebrow and admire the courage of parents and Nevertheless, people find advantages in having many children: ✓ Let’s start with the most non-obvious: pregnancy reduces the […]

Fitness classes at home: improve your mood in 10 minutes

Instead of putting up with a gloomy mood and going to work in a bad mood, wouldn’t it be better to use a useful and always available pill against blues? Morning exercise or will take only 10-15 minutes, while it will energize for the whole day and naturally improve mood and physical well-being. It […]

Why did the child begin to snore

During sleep after read, air should circulate freely through the respiratory tract, including the back of the throat. In this place, very delicate and mobile soft tissues. From the air pumped into the lungs, they vibrate – this is how noise of different intensity is obtained. It turns into snoring when there is a […]

How to Raise a Kind and Respectful Child

Almost every child is drawn to kind people and notices this quality in others at the level of instincts. He may like the teacher because she is kind, a girl from a neighboring house, who is also distinguished by sincerity. But not every child can be kind. And it would be quite nice if parents […]

Sitting meditation

As the name suggests, seated meditation is practiced while sitting. A certain posture is not as important as the general principle of staying still for a while. When you sit still even for 10 minutes, the mind is refreshed. During longer meditations, the physical body goes into rest and recovery mode and benefits from […]

A set of exercises for weight loss at home

This set of exercises yoga does not require special training. It suits people of all ages. Crescent. It tones the thighs and buttocks, promotes fat burning. Standing straight, turn your right foot 90° to the right. Raise your left hand up. Without bending your right leg, lean to the side, rest on the floor […]

Schoolchildren Motivation Methods

There are verbal, practical and playful methods to awaken children’s interest in learning. 1. Verbal This includes conversations, conversations, reading aloud, looking at pictures, dramatizations, Toddlers can show and name objects and toys, carry out roll calls. With the elders – to practice pronunciation and explain the meaning of words, ask them to complete […]