Yoga has existed as a spiritual and psychological-physical practice for many millennia, deservedly being considered a unique cultural heritage of all mankind.

In their homeland, in India, yoga classes are practiced by orthodox adherents in six schools (directions). In Europe, this organic symbiosis of Hinduism, Buddhism and exercises to control the physiological and psychological states of a person undergoes adaptation. Thanks to this, modern society in a “sparing mode” gets the most useful from exercise.

What are the benefits of exercising
Those who are at least slightly familiar with the traditional directions of ancient Indian teachings (raja, karma, hatha, and others) are aware of how difficult classical yoga lessons can be to do and even impossible for systematic classes in conditions of social activity.

However, even short-term exercises give so much vigor and health that they are extremely important for a modern person!

Special breathing techniques, surprisingly powerful asanas in terms of healing power, and a gradually but steadily formed “correct” philosophy and an adequate attitude to reality allow not only to get rid of diseases, but also to give up bad habits, such as smoking.

How does exercise get rid of nicotine addiction?
If a person poisoned by an unfavorable environment, tired of the frantic pace of life and having lost his taste for it, has not previously met with ancient Indian practices, it is more logical to stop at the very initial level. Yoga for beginners will help to smoothly and “painlessly” prepare the body and psyche for the perception of deeper and more complex lessons.

An experienced certified yoga teacher always has in his arsenal enough proven, effective ways to restore the soul and body. Practitioners are offered a set of practices for classes, including:

Meditation is a short-term or long-term immersion of a person in a borderline state of the psyche, which miraculously harmonizes and calms it;
Physical exercises – asanas, these are certain techniques for working with the physical shell of the soul (body);
Pranayamas are special breathing exercises.
A coach who is sensitive to changes in the student’s state carefully controls his state of health, revealing his own recovery capabilities in a person.
Since the exercises are complex, all-encompassing, the body independently, on a subconscious level, refuses poisonous substances: the long-term craving for smoking ceases forever! This happens consciously, therefore it is not accompanied by negative consequences, stress and “breakdowns”.

Changing yourself for the better is easy
If you focus on the cost of classes in a yoga school, where lessons are held with qualified instructors, a thorough knowledge of theory and a practical part worked out to the smallest detail, you may get the feeling that this is an expensive pleasure.

In fact, everything is completely different. If we analyze the cost of smoking pills and patches, take into account their low effectiveness, and also take into account the fact that the body can plunge into a severe stress state due to a strict ban, then the benefits of yoga become obvious.