Children sit at their desks for hours at a time to do their homework and shsat test. And in order to make learning a fun activity, you need to properly prepare the workplace for a student, taking into account important nuances.

How to properly prepare the workplace for a schoolboy. Important nuances.
Creating a cozy corner for a student, it is necessary:

* make a cosmetic repair of the room, because the mood of the child depends on it;

* to purchase correctly selected furniture, which will help to develop correct posture and comfort in doing homework;

* choose original color scheme; * choose original accessories

* Choose original accessories

* Take into account the child’s wishes about

– Make cosmetic repairs.

Before filling the room with furniture, it is necessary to critically inspect the room in which the child will be engaged in order to eliminate deficiencies. If necessary, make cosmetic repairs:

* replace old wallpaper with new wallpaper in calmer colors;

* put new glass in the window in order to improve soundproofing and reduce the penetration of cold air in winter;

* Replace the old poorly heated radiator with a new one. So that the baby’s office will be well heated in winter;

* Lay a warm and comfortable floor covering in the room. Or put a soft rug under the desk, which will keep your child’s feet warm in bad weather and create a cozy room.

– Choose a comfortable desk.

The height of the desk should be such that the child should not slouch at it, and his elbows should lie on it freely. Experts recommend paying attention to desks-transformers, the size and height of which can be adjusted depending on the age of the child.

As the material is better to choose wood. It is necessary to watch that the table had no defects, various cracks, unworked parts, glue residues. If the furniture has an unpleasant smell, then such a model should be left at the store.

It is also worth considering gender differences when selecting a table. Boys need more space than girls. On this basis, the daughter can buy a more compact model of the table, and the son – a model with a spacious table top.

– Select a comfortable chair.

Since a child spends at least several hours a day at school, the place for sitting should be very comfortable and ergonomic. The back of such a chair must be rigid with a slight curve, so that the back fit tightly to it. It is desirable to choose models without armrests. The most comfortable option in this case is an orthopedic chair.

Also, it can be a properly selected computer chair, with a mesh back and a spacious seat.

– Properly set the table, for the presence of natural light.

It is good when the workplace is located near a window and the light falls to the left. This way the child can study for a long time in natural light, and when he wants to distract himself, he can look out the window with interest. This relieves stress and improves mood.

– Use extra light.

Additional sources of light should be in any case, regardless of the location of the table. You can use table lamps with adjustable bases. For right-handed people put it on the left side of the table, and for left-handed people on the right side.

Also, for comfort in the room, you can make wall and ceiling lighting, in the form of sconces and fancy chandeliers or spotlights.

– Make a convenient storage system.

Many factors influence productive work, and order on the table is one of them. It is important to properly organize storage systems: pencils are placed in special glasses, books are placed on additional shelves, notebooks are placed in niches and drawers. Also, it is good to use magnetic, cork, slate, on which it is convenient to leave important notes and fix notes. Children often forget things, so such an item will teach them to self-organize.

– Purchase creative accessories.

Instead of the usual scissors or paper clips, you can pick up accessories of unusual shapes or shades. The child will be pleased to put pencils in an organizer in the form of a funny hedgehog. And multi-colored staples are much more interesting to bind the sheets of the next essay than the usual gray. This teaches your child to be orderly and instills in him a love for school.

– Do not forget about the color design.

Psychologists and designers agree that it is necessary to choose neutral color schemes for the schoolchild’s workplace. As a background, you can use white or beige, and the furniture or accessories to pick up more bright and interesting shades. There should not be a lot of colored elements, so as not to distract the child from doing his homework. Brown and yellow colors are able to focus attention and stimulate brain activity, so they are recommended to be used as accents.

– It is important for parents to remember that when creating a comfortable workplace for students, you should always take into account their wishes. Then you can expect high results in learning.