How to improve memorization and understanding of text while reading

Balance Increasing the reading speed is not an end in itself. If you do not understand the meaning, you can run your eyes on the lines at least a million kilometers per hour, it will not be useful. In this chapter, I will clarify one concept, three questions, and one great trick to prepare your […]

Suffixes: The Chameleon Part of Speech

Suffixes in English For reference: a suffix is a part of a word that is attached after the root. Both in English and Russian they can be: word-forming – they create a new word with a new lexical meaning: to write – writer, etc. Formative – they create another form of a word without changing […]

Transitional Words and Phrases: A Quick Review

What are transitional words? Transitional words: why and how to use them Why are they so important? And how should you use them? Words of transition are such words as “and”, “but”, “so” and “because”. They show your reader the connection between phrases, sentences or even paragraphs. Transition words help your readers understand how thoughts […]

What to do if a child has a problem with math how does he touch math

Have you ever encountered the fact that a child cannot solve a problem or correctly calculate an example? If yes, and such a problem arose once or you face it rarely, then perhaps the child just distracted or overworked. In this case, it is usually not necessary to take any additional measures, but simply to […]

How to help a child learn math, common core math example.

A good teacher can always find a common language with the student. In this case, learning mathematics will become a fascinating process. A few tips for the teacher. 1.You can’t punish a child for wrong answers. If the punishment is severe, the student will not be able to do even the simplest task for fear […]

10 tricks that simplify mathematical operations for math grade 3.

Not so long ago, Lifehacker published a review of the book “Magic of Numbers”, which contains a huge number of mathematical tricks. The book did not leave us indifferent, and we chose from it 10 most interesting tips to simplify mathematical operations. Recently, after reading the book “The Magic of Numbers”, I learned a lot […]

How to monetize a customer base

Let us take it as an undeniable fact: even with a constant flow of incoming calls, the presence of active sales is necessary for stable growth. Asset #1 of any business, at any stage of development is the base of clients. What is a client base, in fact, is a portfolio of your shares. When […]

How to promote your site with articles

Let’s start from a distance: the typical story of a small business representative who decided to promote their sites or services through the Internet, meet Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones, like many others, is well aware that he needs at least a site to go online, but unfortunately, he is in the power of delusion, thinking […]

How to increase sales from the site in a guaranteed manner

With the main types of visitors to the online store, we decided in the last article, and in this one will talk about the so-called selling triggers, with which you can dramatically increase sales on their sites. In general, triggers have many translations from English, personally I like the most translation of the “hook”, that […]