Yoga beginners often wonder when is the best time to practice. Many teachers agree that it is preferable to study immediately after waking up, or more precisely, at 5-6 o’clock in the morning.

Yes, the clock is early, but there is a scientific explanation for this. It is at this time that high levels of cortisol are observed in the body, which entails an increase in blood pressure and glucose levels. At the physiological level, our body signals us like this: it’s time to get out of bed. If you catch this moment and spread the mat, you can send glucose to activate the processes in the muscles, which, in turn, will gradually reduce cortisol. In addition, exercising immediately after sleep will help save the energy accumulated during the night and increase it.

Often, practitioners say that in the morning the body is “wooden”, and many asanas are difficult. It seems that here lies the catch: if you do not practice yoga in the morning, you can stay stuck during the day. Run to the office, sit on a chair and bend over the keyboard. Or you can help the body to wake up, move, fill with natural power.

Morning yoga for beginners, the benefits will be felt after a few classes. Yes, at first, getting up earlier than usual and choosing practice instead of a cup of coffee will be a manifestation of incredible willpower. But the morning will come when you wake up rested and full of energy, the effect of training will begin to appear. This will be the reason to start exercising regularly.