This set of exercises yoga does not require special training. It suits people of all ages.

It tones the thighs and buttocks, promotes fat burning. Standing straight, turn your right foot 90° to the right. Raise your left hand up. Without bending your right leg, lean to the side, rest on the floor with your right hand. At the same time, the left leg is raised up and forms a single line with the body. Freeze in this position and take 2 breaths and exhalations. Then repeat the exercise on the other side;

Foot grip.
This pose gets rid of cellulite and promotes relaxation of the lower back. Standing straight, bring your feet together. Then lift your right knee and grab your foot with your hands. Exhaling, straighten your leg forward without releasing your hands. Tilt your body forward slightly. Hold this position for 3 breaths. Then repeat on the left leg;

The king of dancers.
The exercise works the muscles of the arms and thighs. Get into a relaxed posture. Bend your knee and pull your right foot towards your buttocks. Grab it with your right hand. Then tilt your body forward about 45 degrees and straighten your left arm. In this case, the thigh of the right leg, body and left arm should form a straight line. Stay like this and breathe deeply. Take 3 inhales and exhales. Then change legs and repeat the fitness element;

It helps to get rid of the second chin and works out the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Standing straight, bring your hands over your head. Take a deep lunge forward with your right limb, the left lies on the floor. Pull the pelvis to the floor, bend back at the waist so that the gaze is directed upward at an angle of 45 °. Perform 3 breathing cycles in this position. Then repeat the exercise with a lunge on the other leg;

Tilt to the knee.
The pose works the oblique muscles of the abdomen and stretches the spine. Sitting on the floor, spread your legs apart. Bend your left knee and pull your heel towards your groin. Raise your arms above your head and tilt to the right side. Try to touch your knee with your ear. Grasp your right foot with your hands, thereby helping yourself to lean lower. Take 2 deep breaths in and out and repeat the element on the other side.

The presented set of exercises can be supplemented with other asanas. For beginners, class time should not exceed 30 minutes.