Qigong such as https://www.julianalucky.com/post/montessori-learning-tower-all-you-need-to-know is a health-improving practice. It is also called “qigong for life” for a reason. It has been observed that the positive effects of the practice are felt after regular Qigong practice for quite a long period of time. For example, after conducting research, scientists have discovered that the practice of Qigong has a very positive effect on the state of the brain. Both in older people and in a group of young practitioners, they found an improvement in memory and brain function in general.

For those who are worried about the condition of the cardiovascular system, practicing qigong is also very beneficial:

blood pressure returns to normal;
heartbeat stabilizes;
The ducts of the blood vessels are opened and purified;
Depressions go away and the mood evens out;
The person as a whole begins to live more consciously.
We could enumerate the positive effects of qigong exercises on the physical body and psyche for a long time, but the reader must have realized that their positive effect is directly caused by the practice of meditation. It may be of different kinds: both static, with or without the inclusion of an object, and dynamic. The therapeutic effect of the practice of meditation has long been known, and now research by scientists only confirms and scientifically substantiates the incredible results that practitioners observe as a result of practicing qigong.

You can read about why meditation is important, what is its therapeutic effect, what is its meaning, and what is its effect on the human organism in special articles posted on the website, but for now we will return to the topic of qigong as a practice of rebirth to life.

Why do so many people all over the world choose qigong as their energy practice? Because of the relative simplicity of the exercises, it is accessible to people of all ages. Qigong does not impose any rigid conditions for performing the practice. Of course, regular practice is implied, but in general the decision of how much and when to practice is left to the practitioner.

We are not talking about the martial arts themselves, which are based in one way or another on the technique of working with energies. Qigong is not very restrictive and does not have any strict rules. This is the attraction for many thousands of practitioners around the world.

Perhaps our readers will also be interested in the ancient Chinese practice of qigong, and they will begin practicing it. Why not? However, for those who would like to develop harmoniously, both spiritually and physically, it may be worth paying attention to the practices of yoga, because yoga, like qigong, has passed the test of time. It also pays a lot of attention to work with energies, but at the same time such work is carried out in conjunction with the performance of physical exercises, asanas.

The practice of meditation is also extremely well represented and is an advanced step for those who practice yoga. We should not forget that the physical aspect is given very close attention, especially in hatha yoga classes.

So choose what is best for your individuality and start practicing, because life is practice, so let’s follow its essence.