What is common core math

About What is common core math when choosing a country and a specific object, are interested in the educational opportunities for their children. For a variety of reasons, Russian education in recent years is slowly losing its appeal. It is not as valued in the world as it used to be, the diplomas of many Russian universities do not have wide international recognition. At the same time, it is now quite easy to organize education abroad.

“In response to such requests, we decided to prepare a brief survey on the topic of education opportunities and the cost of real estate in three popular among Russian buyers countries: in the UK, Cyprus and Spain”, – says Natalia Zavalishina, “MIEL DPM” general director.

These three countries can offer excellent education in accordance with the preferences of future students, and the cost of it is sometimes equal or significantly lower than tuition fees at Russian universities. Along with excellent future job prospects, this makes the prospect of receiving an education abroad very attractive. After choosing a university, a second important question immediately arises: where the child will live.

Almost all universities provide dormitories, but not all parents are enthusiastic about this idea. It is not only about the spread of drugs, although this problem is also relevant. The high density of students, the Babylonian mix of languages and cultures, many of which are, to put it mildly, alien to the Russian mentality, the endless emissary “soul-catchers” from various sects and radical religious organizations… All this makes many parents think about alternative accommodations for children: renting or possibly purchasing inexpensive housing.

What is common core math

Renting a home for the duration of schooling has its own disadvantages. Realizing that over several years the cost of renting will add up to a significant amount, applicants and their parents are often inclined to choose cheaper, and therefore less comfortable options, to put up with the drawbacks of which will have to put up with for quite a long time.

It may be worth considering the option of purchasing real estate in the country of study. In contrast to the loss of money spent on rent, the option of buying will be attractive because during the residence of the cost of real estate is likely to increase, and after graduation the apartment can be sold at a profit for themselves, or to rent – of course, in the event that the child does not decide to stay in the country to live and work.

“Real estate in the UK, for example, has risen steadily in recent decades, and the global financial crisis is not an obstacle, – says N. Zavalishina. – As for Spain, the real estate market difference between whose and who’s there has reached rock bottom, and therefore – buying an apartment now, you can confidently count on the growth of its value in the medium term. The Cyprus real estate market is attractive because it is an island, which means that the supply of real estate is quite limited – and demand does not decrease.