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At the beginning Hard gre math questions of his or her professional career, a young teacher faces many difficulties: inability to calculate time and build logical stages of the lesson, and difficulties in explaining the material. At the same time, he or she must have a good understanding of the subject matter, know the psychological and age characteristics of children, be able to find an approach to everyone, but at the same time be strict and be able to arouse interest in independent activity, self-organization, and self-actualization of students.

According to scientists, one of the ways to overcome difficulties in the profession is mentoring. This system reflects the need to get support from experienced teachers and methodologists who can help in practical and theoretical educational activities. Also significant is the competitive movement, which creates conditions for the exchange of pedagogical experience, ideas of training and gre math section education of students, which stimulates the personal and professional growth of beginners teachers. All the efforts of a young professional should be aimed at achieving successful adaptation .

In the course of the research, we were interested to know what difficulties young teachers faced in their professional activity and how their adaptation at an educational institution was going. For this purpose, we conducted an Internet survey of 26 teachers in the Republic of Karelia. 80% of those surveyed said that the main advantage of a teacher’s work is interesting, diverse work and extended vacation. Difficulties at the young specialist in the field of education arise in: documentation and reporting (65%), in communication with parents (52%), drawing up a calendar and thematic plan (43%). 57% of respondents say that they are not satisfied with a large additional workload and low starting salary.

76% of teachers surveyed said that at the beginning of their professional career they often sought help from the administration or the head of a methodical association, and 62% of them felt supported by the administration and felt needed and in demand. At first, young teachers were more focused on the following topics: ability to communicate and find common language with children – 78%; improved performance – 61%; and enhanced knowledge and skills in teaching discipline – 54%. We would like to point out that despite the existing difficulties, 52% of young teachers are satisfied with their profession. Respondents believe that the most important positions in teaching are high professionalism (82%) and communication with children (76%).

Hard gre math questions

The survey revealed that modern educational institutions are interested in an influx of young teachers and that the administration helps them adapt. However, the young teacher faces a number of difficulties in documenting and reporting, communicating with parents, and so on. Most teachers are satisfied with their field of activity but would like to earn a decent living.

In the practical part of my research, I would like to turn to personal experience. After graduation from FGBOU VPO Petrozavodsk State University, I would like to refer to my personal experience. (direction “Technological education”) before me was a choice: to go to study for a master’s degree or go to work, to stay in Petrozavodsk or return to my native city. The decision was made – I went to Kem. My first action was to address to the employment center for job search, where the offered vacancies did not suit me, as I wanted to work by profession. I needed a tutor in the SBU SO RK Center for Assistance to Children without parental care № 4, but with work experience of 1 year. After successful interview, I was hired.

During the first two weeks I got acquainted with the work of the tutor and watched the children and experienced teachers. During the summer vacation we went to the forest together with the children, played sports games, walked, and worked at the site. Then I was placed on a group of teenage boys as a tutor. At the beginning of the school year I had new responsibilities: to help with homework, to communicate with school teachers, and so on. I liked this activity because it was felt that my pupils needed it. It is difficult, but interesting to work with children at risk. We participated in raion contests, organized leisure activities, and engaged in various types of creative activity. For all the positive aspects, I would like to note the difficulties in organizing the educational work and training activities of my students.