In Sanskrit the word “kundalini” is spelled “कुण्डलिनी,” in Latin “kuṇḍalinī. In Russian the name is translated as “spiral snake”, “coiled in the form of a snake”. In esoteric culture, this is the name given to the energy which is accumulated in the muladhara chakra, located at the base of the human spine. More information here:

It is about the sacred energy of creation, which from birth everyone has, and which can be transformed from potential to material, kinetic.

Kundalini yoga offers to awaken it through awareness of subtle energies and activation of energy centers of the whole body. Kundalini energy is awakened during the class and rises up to activate the other chakras, the energy centers. This is done through movement and breathing exercises which start an intense movement of energy.

As a result, the “spiral snake” unfolds, the person achieves spiritual perfection, can realize his Higher Self – find contact with his divine essence. In Indian philosophy this means to connect with the energy of which everything consists, the creative beginning of which we are all a part. In essence, kundalini yoga is about understanding that one is not a separate being, but that one’s true nature is to be a part of all being.