Almost every child is drawn to kind people and notices this quality in others at the level of instincts. He may like the teacher because she is kind, a girl from a neighboring house, who is also distinguished by sincerity. But not every child can be kind. And it would be quite nice if parents were able to bring up this quality in their own children.

On the example of parents
Before talking about kindness and with a child, parents themselves must be kind. After all, it is mom and dad who are a good example for him. Children tend to imitate their parents: the girl wants to be the same as her mother, and the boy takes an example from his father. It is important to lay in the child only positive qualities, thanks to which you can bring up a good and complacent person.

Independence and hard work
Parents should instill independence in their children, accustom them to work. A hard-working child is just a dream: he always cleans up his toys, helps to clean the house, takes out the garbage, looks after the youngest child in the family.

But in real life this rarely happens. Mostly in families with two or three children, it is customary to shift responsibilities to each other. And all because labor activity is incorrectly perceived by children as something unpleasant.

The main task of parents is to help the child fall in love with work. He should not treat him negatively or feel disgust. Just do not force the child, because only from his voluntary participation can positive results be expected. If a child is happy to take on some business, then he may not even be aware that, in fact, he was doing tedious and long work.

It would seem, how hard work and independence are interconnected with kindness? And it’s very simple – these qualities help to avoid conflicts in everyday life, no one is angry with anyone, all processes in the family take place peacefully and without aggression due to the fact that you have to perform not your favorite duties.

Need to share with others
If there are several children in the family, then you need to teach them to share among themselves. Children become kinder when they share one apple for the whole family, when they easily give away what is not enough.

If a child easily parted with his toys or old unnecessary things, preferring to give them to someone who needs them, this is a manifestation of kindness. Even just giving gifts should be done correctly, so as not to confuse kindness with ransom.

With care for animals
Caring for animals and makes a person kinder. When a child has a pet, he is aware of his responsibility for him. The child wants to be attentive and caring, because he understands how the animal needs him.

The love of parents for a child
Children who are not deprived of the love of their parents are capable of being kind. If parents understand their children and know how to listen to them, show responsiveness to their needs, then they are on the right path to raising a good child.

A child will definitely become kind if he is hard-working, educated and successful. And all that parents need to do is to become a worthy example for him, to cultivate independence in him, to give him a good education.

A kind person will always find himself in life, come to the rescue, be able not only to empathize with those who find themselves in a difficult situation, but also be able to sincerely rejoice for those who are in a good mood. And most importantly – you need to love your children, they feel it. And not just there should be words, but a personal example of parents. They should not forget how they treat their child, how they communicate with each other, as well as with people around them.