How to improve your work in the department

Many entrepreneurs know what to implement CRM (or customer relationship management system in Russian) for any business.

CRM system allows to process responses from potential customers more efficiently and turn them into real purchases. But it happens that at the initial stage there can be serious problems and difficulties. Because the introduction of CRM instead of improving the efficiency of the sales department, can give back results.

Why so happens?
Let’s deal with it.

In business and in any part of it there are two sides: technical and administrative.

The technical side in the sales department is those actions that are aimed directly at the production of the product. Not in the narrow sense of the company’s product. A product, in the sense of the result of the activity. These actions affect the income received by the sales department.

The administrative party is preparation of reports, data entry into CRM-system, planning of activity.

It is ideal, if in business as much as possible a product is made (that is the technical part is carried out), and for manufacture of this volume of a product the minimum of administration is necessary.

And it means that the CRM-system, first of all, should simplify work, instead of complicating it.

At adjustment and introduction of CRM-system in the company there is always a question of resistance of employees that with CRM-system becomes more difficult to work than without it.

Seeing such a problem, Envybox decided to fundamentally change the situation and developed EnvyCRM – the first CRM-system, with which managers are more comfortable than without it.

And they succeeded in it! Since the implementation of our CRM by specialists takes only 1 hour and there is no need to train the company’s employees to work in it.

No regulations, no training videos: sat down and started working.

As proof of this, Envybox specialists do the implementation remotely, completely free of charge, and it takes no more than an hour and a half.

The specialist not only sets up a CRM-system, but also helps to look at the business processes in the company and find effective options for embedding them into the CRM. Despite the fact that EnvyCRM is implemented so quickly and does not require training, it allows you to do everything that allows the most advanced CRM-systems on the market, and what he can not yet, it’s only a matter of time.

How to improve your work in the department

What you get after setting up and implementing EnvyCRM in your company:

  1. Increase customer loyalty to your company and increase profits thanks to the system of the following steps.
  2. Ability to save company money on the salary of ineffective employees.
  3. Full sales analytics, with the help of which you can easily identify bottlenecks in managers’ work and make quick changes.
  4. A single system of client base storage, in which each manager is assigned “his” client and the time of the next contact with him. Thus, your employees will have a clear understanding of the volume of work for the day.
    Do not miss the opportunity to automate the work of sales department in your company. Get expert setting by Envybox specialists – increase the profit of your company in the shortest possible time.