How to change the strings on a guitar

Many guitarists often complain that their instruments get upset quite often and even constant tuning doesn’t help for long.

Often guitar owners think that the whole problem is the cheapness of the instrument or hardware itself, but few people suspect that the strings are not installed at all. That’s why we decided to consider how to change the strings on a guitar to make the instrument sound good for a long, long time.

It might seem easy to change the strings at first sight, but that’s not the case if you don’t know some tricks. And if you know these tricks, believe me, your instrument will almost never fail.

The first step.

First, take the string and fasten it to the bridge (guitar article).

The second step

After you have fixed the string it should be brought to the upper point of the neck and already in place, pass it into the opening of the stake.

Take care of the stock of the stringline, which you will wind in the process, by pulling it slightly towards the upper point of the neck. But during the process, try not to pull the string, or it will bend or break at all.

Step three.

It is necessary to bend the end of the string, going to the center of the highest point of the neck and kick it under the string.

Step Four

Then make sure that the string remains tight, and wrap it around you, making a kind of castle. If you let go of the string, it will deform and eventually will be installed incorrectly.

How to change the strings on a guitar

Step five.

Hold the string in a tight position and gently turn the stake. In this case the string will squeeze itself. The stringline will be winded down along the chopping roller so that the angle of the stringline becomes larger in relation to the surplus.

What do you get in the end

The lock you have created will ensure that your tool will be virtually undisturbed.

Also, pay attention to calculating the length of the string so that it will form no more than three windings around the knife.

That’s basically the whole process of replacing strings, and now you know how to change the strings on your guitar as well as a wizard with years of experience. Go ahead and you’ll do it.