So, make sure that no one distracts you, turn off the phone, stay alone with yourself.

Meditation should be done while standing. Take a few calm, deep breaths in and out.

Start focusing on the first chakra and then expand your focus to the space around it.

Once you feel this space, bless the chakra for the greatest good, and then engage elevated emotions such as love, gratitude, and joy.

Swing these emotions, imagine them as a stream of light around the chakra and in the chakra itself. Imagine that the flow of energy has come into action: it is very powerful, it is bubbling, pouring, actively moving around your chakra. Fill the flow with love, gratitude and joy.

Take some time, about 2-5 minutes, for the first chakra. Then shift your attention to the second.

Repeat the whole process with the second chakra. And so, following in order, from the first chakra to the seventh, work through each of them. Take your time, give enough time and attention to each chakra, fill them with energy.

After working seven of the eight chakras and “tuning” them, move on to the eighth chakra, which is located above your head.

Bless her with the highest gratitude. After all, this chakra is the door to the quantum field of possibilities. It is she who lets into your body, into your essence, abundance, love, health and fulfillment of desires.

Thank this chakra and the field around it sincerely, with love, with a feeling of happiness and positive emotions.

Now change focus and bring your attention to the energy surrounding your entire body, building a new field. When the body can use the new field of energy, you will become more light and energy and less matter.

Give thanks to this field around you.

In this way, you will raise your vibrations and tune your energy field to the frequency of accepting blessings into your life.

Then lie down for 15 minutes or longer. Close your eyes, relax and breathe calmly.