Pancha maya kosh is the concept of the five shell-bodies, tied to the energetic importance of the body parts and the dharma, the true path for each level.

While one’s peace, health, and happiness depend on following the predetermined path of dharma, avoidance of “duties” leads to Adharma, lack of virtue, and other negativity. This is confirmed by the teachers of

So, there are five bodies and the duties corresponding to each of them.

1) The physical body “annamaya kosha.” It is necessary to eat right, maintain proper hygiene, exercise and yoga, and worry about cleanliness in all places of residence (home, work, and so on). You also need to take care of your children and parents physically.

2) Pranic body “pranamaya kosha.” Responsibilities at this level are to eat normally, rest the body well, set and fulfill goals, do breathing exercises, do yoga nidra and shavasana, and accumulate lunar or solar energy.

3) Psycho-emotional body “manomaya kosha”. It is important to observe the purity of incoming information, i.e. to monitor what we read, listen to, and with whom we talk.

4) intellectual body “vijnanamayya kosha”. Duties on the level of this shell are self-development. This is reading and studying ancient and new books on yoga and science, as well as practicing concentration.

5) The causal body “anandamaya kosha. One must meditate and be sure to observe the yama–the moral restraints, the rules.

Spiritual development does not come first. Priority is given to duties pertaining to our body, then to family and social duties. The remaining time can be devoted to our soul. Spiritual practices are inseparable from our duty to our loved ones and responsibilities in society.