If earlier the question of how many children should be born never occurred to anyone, today even a family with three children is an occasion to raise an eyebrow and admire the courage of parents and https://argoprep.com/blog/using-webbs-depth-of-knowledge-dok-to-make-your-class-effective/. Nevertheless, people find advantages in having many children:

✓ Let’s start with the most non-obvious: pregnancy reduces the risk of oncology. One of the official preventive measures for breast cancer is the birth of a child. This statement is also true for other types of malignant tumors in the female body. After pregnancy, ovarian cysts, benign tumors, fibroadenomas, etc. disappeared.

✓ Education in children of such qualities as responsibility, caring, mutual assistance. Teenagers learn to help younger brothers and sisters, and those, thanks to life in a large family, socialize faster, grow up sociable and independent.

✓ The school of life that children go through in large families. They do not shy away from physical work, they know how to take care of themselves, they know the price of domestic work. Banal cooking for a large family is a daily feat that they accomplish together. As a result, both boys and girls receive valuable skills for an adult independent life.

✓ Members of a large family do not suffer from loneliness – the house is always noisy, fun, crowded. There is someone to talk to, to share their problems. And if children fail to find friends in society, then there is always the opportunity to build friendly and harmonious relationships in the family. It helps a lot.

✓ Friendship and mutual assistance and https://argoprep.com/blog/ways-to-prevent-teacher-burnout/ is not an empty phrase. As well as compassion and compassion. Seeing how sometimes it is not easy for parents, older children are happy to join in caring for the younger ones. It is only important to keep it under control and not make situational assistance a permanent obligation.

✓ According to statistics, large families are stronger. And there are objective reasons for this: every day, mothers and fathers have to solve a variety of problems related to the life of the family, as well as make decisions. It unites, makes you feel a sense of belonging to a certain mission – to raise worthy people. They also share common hobbies, the opportunity to spend their free time interestingly, and family traditions.

✓ High psychological stability, developed adaptive mechanisms. Children from large families easily endure temporary difficulties and hardships, they are not inclined to be capricious over trifles and https://argoprep.com/blog/student-centered-learning/. They know how to predict the mood of parents and brothers / sisters, choose the right moment to communicate or ask for help.

These advantages cannot be applied to any large family, because there are many examples of dysfunctional and irresponsible people who simply cannot or do not want to control the process of childbearing. And sometimes they give birth for the sake of social benefits. We are talking exclusively about normal families, where having many children is a conscious choice and lifestyle.