What is kundalini yoga?

In Sanskrit the word “kundalini” is spelled “कुण्डलिनी,” in Latin “kuṇḍalinī. In Russian the name is translated as “spiral snake”, “coiled in the form of a snake”. In esoteric culture, this is the name given to the energy which is accumulated in the muladhara chakra, located at the base of the human spine. More information […]

Three tips from a psychologist: how to help children adapt to school

1 The start of the school year and 7th grade go math is always exciting. Someone is waiting for him with joyful anticipation, and someone with a heart sinking with fear. In the second case, it is important to understand the reason why the child has concerns about the upcoming school year. In a first […]


If we look into the history of the emergence of meditation and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-top-yoga-books-for-kids, we will find that it did not arise as a tool for relaxation, health promotion, or increase in personal productivity, although it is thanks to this positioning that it has become widespread among modern people. Ancient practitioners perceived these effects from meditation […]


Probably, many of you consider your life not active enough: the whole day in front of the computer, and then the road home again driving a car or sitting in public transport. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle harms our body, but sometimes there is simply no way to add activity to our routine. […]

Body-shells and their corresponding duties

Pancha maya kosh is the concept of the five shell-bodies, tied to the energetic importance of the body parts and the dharma, the true path for each level. While one’s peace, health, and happiness depend on following the predetermined path of dharma, avoidance of “duties” leads to Adharma, lack of virtue, and other negativity. This […]

Where does a child get math problems from?

Math anxiety: how parents pass it on to their children Mathematics including go math grade 3 has a reputation as the most impossible subject at school. From the very first grade, children hear that calculations are not easy. Perhaps that’s why by high school 60% of students become afraid of math and anxious about tests. […]

How do I get an elementary school student interested in math?

In recent years, the general parental obsession with foreign languages has been replaced by a passion for math including two-dimensional shapes. Now most fathers and mothers dream of raising their child to be a mathematical genius at any cost, against his or her own abilities and desires. And competition in the fifth grade in mathematics […]

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a partial reading disorder. More: https://argoprep.com/blog/numerical-dyslexia-should-my-child-take-a-dyscalculia-test/. It is caused by a breakdown or lack of formation of the mental functions involved in the reading process. In dyslexia, various signs and symbols are not correctly recognized. And then, there are difficulties in understanding the meaning of what is read. In most cases, if you […]

How to explain Singaporean mathematics

What is salutatorian meaning? Singapore Mathematics is a method of teaching mathematics developed in 1982 by an institute in Singapore. It was implemented to meet the goals set by that country’s Ministry of Education. Singapore Math is a specially designed course of study, which is used by many countries, such as Japan and Israel. This […]